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Arthur with In the Woods
Arthur Cadieux with "In the Woods"

I was born during the war in 1943 in Belfast, Maine. I was called a war baby. During my lifetime our country has been in turmoil with conflict, wars, social upheavals and constant change. No doubt this has influenced my work and life. I have been influenced by modern and past European and American masters, especially the abstract expressionists of the 1950s and social content painting of the 1930s. I never fully recovered from first seeing Van Gogh, Bonnard and Matisse. I push my painting to the edge, going for broke, sometimes disregarding all rules and taste in order to produce a successful piece. — Arthur Cadieux

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Portrait of Dave Rasy"The colors of Arthur Cadieux's paintings are strong, vibrant, reflective, and thick with information. Joy,sadness, tension, love, and at times a contemplative weaving of shadow and light course through his paintings and drawings. Whether an abstract picture in dramatic colors and forms or a representational dance of sensitive figures in happiness or despair, Cadieux's art evokes within the viewer a response of aliveness. The oils, acrylics, pastels, ink and pencil drawings tell stories and themes; they create moods and lasting memories, born of the passion and thought the artist transfers onto canvas and renders in his drawings." David Rasey, Poet

"There are 'local' artists, and there are 'regional' artists. Arthur Cadieux is not of these. He is an artist, a painter of quality, a man who can push paint to significant effect across canvases of small and large compass. Who else around has such color and such dark! He loves light and night, and the natural landscape, some people, cars and bicycles, and, bless him, naughty, raucous, omnipresent crows. Paint them, Arthur, among your brilliant trees!".
— Rand Castile, Director Emeritus, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco





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