Arthur Cadieux  






NYC Street Scene
Title: NYC Street Scene

Date: 2000

Size: 28" X 34"

Medium: Oil on Canvas


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Lasting memories and stories haunt the atmosphere of black and white, slight blue wash, and hints of pink in the painting NYC Street Scene. The composition is seen as though the viewer is kneeling, looking up at the right side of a man whose face is shadowed in the daylight. The man is sitting bent over a sign which is hand scrawled in painted letters that have dripped down from one letter to the next line's letter and reads HOME, then the sign bends and space and letters are lost in the fold of space and paint. An S is read, with the reader's mind supplying the visually missing LES. The letters PLEA appear beneath HOME with the rest of the lettering SE and so forth hidden around the bend. The next line reads THAN…The sin lettering is wobbly as is probably the man behind the sign, his eyes hidden in darkness as his face slants in a downward angle to the concrete of the sidewalk below. Towering city buildings are seen as the landscape of the setting. Although crafted in an illusion of the unobtrusive, the skyscrapers tell you to pay attention by commanding the skyline and partially framing the man's face and posture.
- David Rasey




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